Corporate Environmental Policy

Protecting the environment is critical to the sustainability of the railway industry in North America. Burrard Inlet Rail is committed to reducing our footprint and proactive about protecting the environment in which we work and live.

We are proud of our zero spill and soil contamination records. We always opt for the safest and most efficient way to reduce the impact on the environment while conducting operations, and actively encourage green stewardship at our work sites.

Compliant and Proactive

Burrard Inlet Rail complies with all provincial and federal environmental rules and regulations, including the Canadian Environmental Protection Act (1999), BC Environmental Management Act (2003), and Canada Transportation Act (1996).

A few examples of how we make a difference:

  • We turn off our vehicles, track units, and gas powered tools when they are not in use to reduce GHG emissions.
  • Every vehicle has MSDS and a corporate safety manual as a reference for proper usage and storage of oils, lubricants, and fuels.
  • When working close to residential areas, we take care to minimize the level of noise and vibration and keep the air quality free of fumes.
  • When working in the vicinity of watersheds, we take special care to protect waterways and groundwater reservoirs.
  • We reuse railway materials that are in good working order for future projects.

Employee Support

Our employees share a commitment to an environmentally safe work environment and adhere to all recycling policies and procedures. Our car-sharing program for getting to the work site is also well received and utilized.

Operational Efficiency

All our facilities are equipped with energy efficient lighting and appliances.