Comprehensive Track Inspections By Certified Inspectors

You can count on the highly qualified team at Burrard Inlet Rail to conduct thorough track inspections within the required frequency parameters and assure compliance with all industry and government railway and safety regulations.

We Walk The Entire Track

Our inspectors carefully evaluate the ties, rail, structure and surface, looking for anything that could compromise the safety and operations of the railway. Should they find any issues or defects, you will be notified immediately. Our report will be detailed and easy to read, include the location and nature of any deviation, as well as recommendations on the most timely and cost-effective way to correct the deficiencies.

Sound Advice and Viable Solutions

Track inspections provide valuable insight and information that will help you evaluate priorities and better plan capital expenditures. Our team of railway experts will help you assess the urgency of more expensive jobs, determine what requires immediate attention and what needs monitoring.

Safe and Easy Record Keeping

Record keeping is key when it comes to regulatory compliance on the railway. Once any defects have been addressed, we will amend the inspection record. Our online customer portal is a secure storage solution that gives you quick and easy access to all reports via computer, tablet, or smart phone.