Ongoing Track Maintenance Is Essential

It is the only way to keep a railway in top operating condition, optimize safety and minimize costly downtime. That’s why scheduling regular inspections is so important. Burrard Inlet Rail offers a full range of maintenance services and can assist you in creating 2, 5, and 10 year maintenance plans that will reduce costs over the long term and increase the lifespan of the track.

Light Maintenance

A small, specially trained crew equipped with a wheeled or hi-rail cab truck are able to:

  • Adjust switches
  • Grind stock rails
  • Tamp ties / spot surface track
  • Spot ties
  • Change joint bars
  • Cut-off/change track bolts
  • Gauge track
  • And much more

Medium/Heavy Maintenance

A machine operator joins the crew on jobs that require more specialized equipment, such as:

  • Changing rail
  • Changing switch and crossties
  • Lining and surfacing track
  • Changing switch stands
  • Track tear-outs
  • Removing scrap rail
  • Building / installing turnouts
  • Constructing panelized track
  • Renewing railway crossing
  • Conducting derailment repairs
  • Thermite welding

Capital Renewal

Our seasoned railway professionals expertly coordinate and manage large projects, including:

  • Production crosstie change-out
  • Rail replacement programs
  • New track construction
  • Grade construction
  • Production undercutting
  • Production line / surfacing
  • Spot rail grinding
  • Production joint elimination