About Ultrasonic Rail Flaw Detection

Maintaining rail integrity is critical as flaws and defects can lead to broken rails or even derailments. Burrard Inlet Rail is committed to ensuring safe railway operations and employs state-of-the-art rail maintenance practices and flaw detection methods.

Our Ultrasonic Technology

Our ultrasonic single rail flaw detector is a push-along device that performs accurate, reliable and effective testing even under severe weather conditions. Ultrasonic waves are transmitted into the rail at various angles, testing the entire rail section. Should there be any flaws with the rail head surface, rail web, switch points, rail joints, or welds, either internal or visible, the high frequency sound waves will generate a clear and distinct echo pattern.

What You Can Expect

We conduct both large and small inspections. Our experienced crew includes a specially trained rail flaw detection inspector and operator. Recorded data includes the operator’s name, line, direction, track number and position (left/right), initial track coordinate, date, time, and final track coordinate. Results are processed, recorded and saved, providing in-depth reporting and diagnostic capabilities.

Key Advantages

  • Lightweight (16kg)
  • Ergonomic design
  • User-friendly operation
  • Easy to transfer from left to right rail
  • Performs well in adverse conditions
  • Real time display of test results at different sensitivity levels
  • Measures traveled distance, speed and size of defects
  • Records data for every millimetre of traveled distance
  • Provides advanced analysis capabilities